The OBC Team

Corporate Headquarters

3500 Lorain Ave., Suite 505

Cleveland, OH  44113

toll free 855-744-4622


216.398.9430 fax

Reconditioning and Service Center

1311 Chardon Rd.

Cleveland, OH  44117


216.398.9430 fax

Key Personnel

 Mike McChrystal; president, x110

 Bob Koch; sales director, x111

 Matt Pompeani; national sales rep, x114

 Scott Adams; lead service technician

 Allie Darrah; office manager, x112

 Jim Olszewski; rigging services director, x116

 Andy Zucca; rigging sales, x115

 Mary Kay Laska; treasurer, x113

  Patrick Spear; director of waste solutions, 216-287-4656


In this section:


"The way we handle material now has changed and opened up new markets for us. With the Harris Badger we can ship bales anywhere, and cross into new markets."

Jon Cherrington, JVC Metals

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