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Business is done best in partnerships, and at OBC, we like to form partnerships with all our paper recycling customers. Not only can we provide the equipment you need to scale up your operation, we can also help your customers organize their recycling programs as well.

As an OBC paper recycling partner,  we will add you as a broker resource for our customers that generate paper waste; we are frequently asked for our help in setting up buyer relationships for businesses who do not have experience finding, or are not satisfied with a paper buyer. In addition, we also offer commission for any new customers that are referred to OBC for equipping their recycling operations.

Call us today to discuss how this partnership can benefit your company! And browse our recommended equipment below to learn more about our scope of capability in the paper recycling industry.


  High-Grade Paper
  Mixed Paper
  Newspaper (ONP)
  Cardboard (OCC)

Recommended Products

  1. Cresswood single-shaft shredder
    Cresswood single-shaft shredder

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"I come in every day and kiss it! Seriously. We can make 33 bales of newspaper in an hour and nearly doubled our volume now."

Bill Sheets, Alliance Recycling

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