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Proper preparation and processing can significantly impact the return you get on your plastic. Knowledge of the markets, specifications, grades and other variables that affect plastic value is crucial to maximizing your success. Do you need multiple vertical balers or a large, two-ram solution? Should you shred before processing? OBC can leverage our vast experience in plastic recycling to help you analyze your needs and prescribe the right solution.

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  • PET
  • HDPE
  • Stretch Film
  • ABS
  • Hard Drives
  • WEEE

Recommended Products

  1. MaxPak HCE 60 FE-8
    MaxPak HCE 60 FE-8
  2. MaxPak MP60-NFS
    MaxPak MP60-NFS

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"We had an Excel baler before the Harris Badger — no comparison. We are more than satisfied!”

Anthony Quarterman, Parc Corporation

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